Chas Gerretsen Issue #30

1976 Chas Gerretsen & Francis Ford Coppola

VIETNAM WAR – Cambodia
1968-07 MACV-card
Military Assistance Command Vietnam – card, ID card for the press in Vietnam

His exceptional photographic coverage of the Chilean coup d’état and afterwards the iconic image of General Pinochet earned Gerretsen the 1973 Robert Capa Gold Medal Award for ‘best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise’.

General Augusto Pinochet and generals, waiting for the start of the mass
in honor of Chile’s independence and to bless the new Junta. Church service,
in ‘Iglesia de la Gratitud Nacional’  Santiago de Chile, 18.Sept.1973,

John Travolta


Real to Reel? Santiago, Chile. 18 September 1974. Eighth part:
It is like a film script story board: each image a different scene: A of shot of general Pinochet saluting with the cross behind him. The generals are checking their watches. Are they running late? Then the generals march off.

A last look. 1976 Pagsanjan, Philippines Apocalypse Now
Chief Phillips covers Tyrone ‘Clean’ Miller. And the PBR continues

1976 Pagsanjan, Philippines Apocalypse Now
A final resting place. The French plantation.
Somewhere, nowhere. In reality, to be forgotten amongst the thousands. But on the ‘reel’ to be eternal, alive and dead.

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